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- Gerry O’Neill (Proprietor)

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Discover A Persuasive Writing Strategy That Multiplies Online Results

The More You Tell, The More You Sell

Just like the Civil Engineer who incorporates the same formulas again and again when constructing a bridge. Likewise, as a results-getting Copywriter, I assemble my words based on time-tested methods and proven sales techniques that have produced favourable results time-after-time.

Selling techniques that have produced favourable results in the past can get you results today; this guides my thinking into profitable channels by having me concentrate on a strong and specific appeal. Everyone knows, what has worked in the past provides a pretty good idea of what will work today.

IMAGINE if you will for a moment, the many BILLIONS that has been spent on testing these methods and techniques that I now exploit on a daily basis in my business writing. One of the most powerful SUCCESS forces in business is EXPECTATION. Once a rock solid belief in what your COMMUNICATING is acquired, your self expectancy about you becoming successful also increases your INFLUENTIAL ability to WIN customers with your products and services.

Advertising that makes money is built on proven principles; objective facts that have spawned their earliest roots within the early trenches of advertising. Farfetched or obscure statements (opinions & unproven theories) will not provide the right level of influence that's required to stop a prospect to look into your product or service.

Any reader's attention is yours for only a single involuntary instant. And will not waste his/her valuable time without the right motive in place; they just turn away and carry on with their initial unaltered state of mind.

Understandable, you agree that the person who is the best prepared and the most knowledgeable, makes the most money in any market. Any company with a good product or service, which does not incorporate the assistance of a 'Results-getting Copywriter’, is like a man who whispers to himself in a desert.

I will not have any client of mine skidding hopelessly about on the greasy surface of irrelevant brilliance that only serves to waste their hard earned money.

To have your product or service offering(s) thoroughly analysed by a conscientious results-getting Copywriter who makes a living from crafting the most enticing, most convincing method of appeal. Speak now with Gerry on 07368 267 612 / O1553 763 192. Alternatively, he can be contacted via email at:

How To Make A Friendly Ally Of Your Key Prospect's Mind

Why is it that some succeed from their advertising efforts and others do not? It’s about influencing people – it’s a process of persuasion.

To get favourable results, your copy needs to get prospects to experience that vitally important gut-feeling that they're onto something - they need to be convinced that what your offering has their best interests in mind.

As a results-getting Copywriter, I will assemble word-by-word an appeal around a motive that puts your key prospect's own mind to work on your behalf, similar to how yeast expands a loaf of bread – making a friendly ally of your key prospect's mind.

In what is now an extremely hyper-competitive environment that is the Internet, you need a reliable source that is going to enhance and assist you in realising your online opportunity. The number of advertisements the average UK adult is bombarded with, ranges from around 349 to over 3,467on a daily basis. That’s a lot of messages, what’s going to make yours stick?

You need content that goes beyond eye-deep messaging and sticks in the minds of your potential customers, which in turn converts. Good persuasive copy whether on a leaflet or a website, will reliably sell your products or services, time-after-time

You can experience the buzz of success that comes from a winning ad and having your prospects, en masse, reach into their deep pockets and exchange their hard-earned money for your product or service – in business the bottom line of everything is results.

You’ll want this persuasive and scientifically proven sales influence – put these razor-sharp edged selling techniques to work for you today, call Gerry now on 07368 267 612 / O1553 763 192. Alternatively, he can be contacted via email at:

Have you devalued your product or service?

The smart people in business know, that trying to do it all themselves is a big mistake. The reason why most small businesses stay small is because they never ‘think’ of sourcing the right ‘thinkers’.

It’s the ‘thinker’ who will develop that crucial ‘big idea’ which usually makes the difference in being successful or an unfortunate cautionary tale – haphazard methods will not get you efficient results. Any business is going to be no larger than the ‘thinkers’ allowed to guide it. Let me share with you what David Ogilvy, who is an authoritative source in marketing once stated, "If we hire people better than ourselves we will become a company of giants; if we hire people worse, we will become a company of dwarves."

Why is it that some people see it and most people don't?

You can clearly see the value that new ideas (breakthroughs), sources of motivation and the fine tuning that’s required in developing your prospects’ radar when looking for more sales, can bring to your business. You need a mediator between yourself and your product or service; someone impartial and without any of the usual assumed constraints when focused on finding a solution.

Look to the ‘thinker’ and know this person’s going to figure this out, figure out how to evoke feelings that emotionally touches your key prospect, perhaps uncover a breakthrough, that makes you a tidy sum of money.

“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising." - Mark Twain

Most business owners think inwardly about their business, as an outsider I bring an unbiased, critical capacity that the producer and seller rarely possess. Your self-interest unites with mine, of that you can be assured, as my personal income relies heavily on how I outflank your competitors and bring the sales home. This is the only way I can grow my reputation as a result-getting Copywriter.

Get guaranteed Favourable results today, call Gerry now on 07368 267 612 / O1553 763 192. Alternatively, he can be contacted via email at:

Avoid The Mistake Of Building A Mousetrap
When All You Need Is A Cat

"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur." - Red Adair

You know and thoroughly understand the operational aspects that underpin your business. You’ve put long hours and persevered in formulating your solution, product or service – you've solved a problem with its ideal solution, one that makes peoples live’s easier. It’s time, now to let a professional assemble the words that will amplify and communicate your solution.

With advertising being such a fundamental human instinct and necessity that’s implicit in human nature and life; best you be getting it right, because getting it wrong is extremely costly in terms of becoming a cautionary tale and your financial standing within the community in which you live, depends upon it.

You can have the world's best product or service, but if you can't communicate your ideas, you have nothing. An attention-getting and mind-changing Copywriter/Business Strategist is an essential ingredient of any successful offline/online advertising venture.

Now before you step onto one of the many traps set down by those content mills, do recall that I stated “a results-getting Copywriter” not a “penny a word churn-and-burn writer”.

It is so easy to get distracted by the technical fads of the day; you may well fall into the following category of Small Business Owners where you’ve fallen in love with the technology but not actually understanding the psychology let alone the importance of ‘Sales-Influence’. And therefore having little if any success and wondering why?

A product or service itself, theoretically, ought to be its own best salesman. But most of us know that this just isn't the case. But everyone knows that without sales there is no business.

REMEMBER: Your key prospect will never inform you of the following, "I think your ads lack selling power. You need a results-getting appeal, one that appeals to my self-interest."

You will need to 'differentiate' to beat the competition, because your key prospect has many others to choose from. You need to build that bridge of mutual trust between you and the needs of your target market. Differentiation is what makes the difference.

As long as you do your part and I do mine, we can work together. Neither of us left to our own devices. Get a professional on-board today, call Gerry now on 07368 267 612 / 01553 763 192, alternatively, he can be contacted via email at:

Let Salesmanship Switch On The Success Forces Of Your Business

Let Salesmanship Switch On The Success Forces Of Your Business

It’s my belief that 'success forces' within a business can either be switched on or switched off. And, that there comes a critical moment that defines how a particular business gets to grow and prosper or shimmer and fade away from existence.

A results-getting appeal can be the metamorphosis that can get a business either back into a profit yielding state of being or selling more stuff to more people, more often, for more money. There can be only one justification for advertising: Sales! Sales! Sales! Sales that are immediate, sales that are abundant, sales that are profitable.

Success in salesmanship depends on the mode of appeal, knowledge of the incentive, the touching of the chord that responds. And this comes largely from the detailed research and referencing that is carried out. Have you ever thought of the force, value, the psychological best advantage of knowing, what your competition don’t know?

A good persuasive perspective will amplify your value proposition, compel your prospect to think and induce your prospect to take action. People don't always put their money where their mouths are; but they do nearly always put out their money where their true DESIRES are.

IMAGINE: Not just outflanking, but conquering your competition. When I focus ‘YOU’ win, that’s what you want, isn’t it? And now imagine, what it feels like to have a force, a psychological best advantage of knowing, what your competition don’t know?

I concentrate on finding the most enticing; most convincing method of appeal. My goal is to get you favourable results that you can take to the BANK. I don’t just make the reader’s eyes pop; I ensure what is read sticks in the mind of your key prospect.

You don't need to be an Einstein to realise that the more people who read your stuff, the more will reply. Speak with Gerry now on 07368 267 612 / O1553 763 192. Alternatively, he can be contacted via email at: It may prove to be the turning point for your business.

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Author: How to plan a journey on a cargo ship - Sail now and have the adventure of your life.

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