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Copywriter Service Payment Plans & Methods:

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Payment Plans: I am open to all offers of work from SME's and individuals where I am willing to accept weekly/monthly payment plan agreements. I am especially interested in making alliances with credible small businesses/individuals with the view of creating a long-term cooperation where the end result is great work and a fair and profitable outcome for everyone.

Payment Methods: You can pay for your Copywriting Services through the following methods: UK & EU based businesses pay via an issued tax invoice whether it’s a daily, monthly fee or project. Terms are set at 30 days with the exception of first-time clients, for which I ask a for 50% upfront deposit fee.

Most business owners think inwardly about their business, as an outsider I bring with me an unbiased, critical capacity that the producer and seller rarely possess. Why not utilise the emotional and logical grip of my craft to get you favourable results – why watch others making money that you can be making?

Take action and commit today, to getting guaranteed favourable results. To work with me, call me; Gerry on 07368 267 612 / O1553 763 192. Alternatively, he can be contacted via email at: