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Copywriting Rate Card:

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Day Rates: I currently charge a fair rate of £360.00. You can hire me for 3 days consecutively and receive a discount of 20% (£216.00) where you pay only £864.00.

Hourly Rates: Are currently set at £45.00 per hour.

My payment terms for first-time clients will require a 50% upfront deposit. Additional charges will be added for third party costs based on prior agreement.

Payment Methods: You can pay for your Copywriting Services through the following methods: UK & EU based businesses pay via an issued tax invoice whether it’s a daily, monthly fee or project. Terms are set at 30 days with the exception of first-time clients, for which I ask a for 50% upfront deposit fee.

*** The above rates stand as a rough price benchmark for pricing by the job/project ***

Ideally, I am hoping to establish a long-term business relationship, once I’ve proved that ‘Copywriter Services’ offer an impeccable copywriting service with a guaranteed ‘result-getting’ quality. Your self-interest unites with mine, of that you can be assured.

As long as you do your part and I do mine, we can work together. Neither of us left to our own devices. To work with me, call Gerry on 07368 267 612 / 01553 763 192, alternatively, I can be contacted via email at