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Effective Advertising Will Make You An Online Success

Emotional Sales Activators are made by blending proven and tested Psychological Triggers.

“Efficient advertising can find customers, great advertising, effective advertising creates them.”
- Rory Sutherland (Vice-Chairman of Ogilvy, UK) | Co-founder of the Behavioral Science Practice

Just like the Civil Engineer who incorporates the same formulas again and again when constructing a bridge. Likewise, as a results-getting Copywriter/Behavioural Science Advisor, I assemble my words based on time-tested methods and proven sales techniques/behavioral insights that have produced favourable results time-after-time.

Similar to a Lawyer being an advocate to their client, piecing together all arguments at his disposal to win the case - so does the Copywriter/Behavioural Science Advisor use proven, tested psychological triggers, copywriting formulas and insights at his disposal to win the consumer over to your product/service. Your persuasive strategic partner providing you a sustainable comparative advantage in today’s hypercompetitive online environment.

My costs are not the lowest; however, you'll easily start to recoup them by implementing the insights you receive from your initial consultation.

Selling techniques/behavioral insights that have produced favourable results in the past can get you results today; this guides my thinking into profitable channels by having me concentrate on a strong and specific appeal. Everyone knows, what has worked Psychologically in the past provides a pretty good idea of what will work today - changes to technology come and go, the human brain experiences no such changes (our 'cognitive functions' remain the same).

Imagine if you will for a moment, the many 'billions' that have been spent on these time-tested methods and proven sales techniques/behavioural insights that I now exploit daily in my business writing.

One of the most POWERFUL success forces in business is EXPECTATION. Once a rock-solid belief in what you’re COMMUNICATING is acquired, your self-expectancy about you becoming successful also increases your INFLUENTIAL ability to WIN customers and make YOU an online SUCCESS.

Advertising that makes money is built on proven principles/traits; subjective facts that have spawned their earliest roots within the early trenches of advertising. Farfetched or obscure statements (opinions and unproven theories) will not provide the right level of influence that's required to stop a prospect to look into your product or service.

Any reader's attention is yours for only a single involuntary instant. And will not waste his/her valuable time without the right motive in place; they just turn away and carry on with their initial unaltered state of mind.

"…unless your writing is extraordinarily clear and focused, little of what you say on your website will get through to customers."
- Nielsen Norman Group – Global Leader in the User Experience Field

Sell better with the advantage a Copywriter brings to your company.

Understandable, you agree that the person who is the best prepared and the most knowledgeable, makes the most money in any market. Any company with a good product or service, which does not incorporate the assistance of a 'Results-getting Copywriter/Behavioural Science Advisor’, is like a man who whispers to himself in a desert.

Does the following sound familiar to you?

“Paid for a costly website investment and I have to admit I like the design. However, time has gone by and I haven’t had many inquiries . . . responses . . . let alone any real increase in sales.”

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

It’s no secret, Web Designers/Developers are not Copywriters, and instead, they design/code and place your website online. Now ask yourself: "Wheres the mediator between yourself and your product or service?" This brings to mind the IKEA Effect; where people who have built items themselves come to see “their amateurish creations as similar in value to experts’ creations."

You need that impartial specialist who attends without any of the usual assumed constraints when focused on finding the right appeal; qualified to analyse and fine-tune all external communications, collaborating with the wider Marketing and Communications team where available.

Build that bridge of mutual trust between you and the desires of your customer. Distinctness is what makes the difference. Get a specialist on-board today, call Gerard now on 07368 267 612 / 01553 763 192. Alternatively, I can be contacted via email at:

Smart People Know This Mistake

The smart people in business know, that trying to do it all themselves is a big mistake. The reason why most small businesses stay small is because they never ‘think’ of sourcing the right ‘specialists’. The ‘specialist’ is the one who will develop that crucial ‘big idea’ which usually makes the difference in being successful or an unfortunate cautionary tale – haphazard methods will not get you efficient results.

Work with the Copywriter to frame the offering and convert through the use of content with the right ‘Emotional Sales Activators’ via blending proven and tested ‘Psychological Triggers’

Any business is going to be no larger than the ‘thinkers’ allowed to guide it. Let me share with you what David Ogilvy, who is an authoritative source in marketing once stated, "If we hire people better than ourselves we will become a company of giants; if we hire people worse, we will become a company of dwarves."

That now brings us to another timely quotation:
"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur." - Red Adair

It’s the Copywriter who frames the offering and converts through the use of content with the right ‘Emotional Sales Activators’ via blending proven and tested ‘Psychological Triggers’. You can clearly see the value that new ideas (breakthroughs), sources of motivation and the fine-tuning that’s required in developing your prospects’ radar when looking for more sales, can bring to your business.

I will rephrase this important point: You need a mediator between yourself and your product or service; someone impartial and without any of the usually assumed constraints when focused on finding the results-getting motive. Someone qualified to analyse and fine-tune all external communications; collaborating with the wider Marketing and Communications team where available.

Once a business appears to be developing an issue – getting prompt access to a specialist who can find out what’s wrong, can make all the difference, and is in most cases the key to a speedy turnaround.

Captivating and converting prospects who land on your website into loyal customers is no easy task, and requires the knack of a Wordsmith – it’s not your fault and you’re not alone, most business owners struggle at some point on how to transform ideas into words, and fail to reach prospects’ on a deeper level.


Because having your product or service offering thoroughly analysed by a conscientious results-getting Copywriter/Behavioural Science Advisor who makes a living from crafting the most enticing, most convincing method of appeal, works.

Speak now with Gerard on 07368 267 612 / O1553 763 192.

A Guarantee Nobody Wants

Same old, same old.

If you don't act now, you will lose out on a valuable window of time to get things sorted - if not now, when?

A further investment toward website profitability? Not only should the further investment be an acceptable one, but an expected eventuality for anyone seeking an effective advertising strategy.

Fact 1: The biggest entrepreneurial business opportunity of the 21st century is selling products and services online – steadily approaching a trillion-dollar market. The bricks and mortar business model is quickly fading into history. The economic value of operating in the e-commerce space and its convenience for customers has come to the fore – Behavioural Insights improves and maximises digital sales.

Fact 2: Billions of visitors’ spending money online daily with millions of businesses and shops advertising hundreds of thousands of web pages – fierce rivalry.

With the epic explosion of content competing for your readers’ attention - your typical internet user is forced to be more astute about the headlines she/he clicks on, and is hyper-conscious of where they choose to invest time in looking. You can imagine that knowing what captures your readers’ attention is very important to your online survival.

Fact 3: Websites seeking any targeted sales traction require a Powerfully Crafted Persuasive Writing Strategy – how else can anyone avoid ‘bounce rate’ losses (single-page visitors) and instead, create a perception of ‘value’ in their visitor’s mind?

Here's Fact 4 for you: A Copywriter/Behavioural Science Advisor who knows scientifically proven psychological sales influence and business strategies, can be a persuasive strategic partner who gives you a sustainable competitive advantage in today’s hypercompetitive online environment.

Don't overlook your chance to uncover insights/actionable strategies that trigger receptive attitudes that lead to better website conversion (more sales) - so simple, yet when you see how, it will make a lot of sense.

Why lose out on getting new results, by doing the same old, same old? That’s a guarantee nobody wants. You can imagine that the difference I bring clearly makes a difference, between surviving and thriving.

Easily Amplify Your Value Proposition

With all due respect, most business owners think inwardly about their business, as an outsider I bring an unbiased, critical capacity that the producer and seller rarely possess. Your self-interest unites with mine, of that you can be assured, as my personal income relies heavily on how I outflank your competitors and bring the sales home. This is the only way I can grow my reputation as a result-getting Copywriter/Behavioural Science Advisor.

You know and thoroughly understand the operational aspects that underpin your business. You’ve put long hours and persevered in formulating your product or service – you've solved a problem with its ideal solution, one that makes people’s lives easier. It’s time, now to let a professional assemble the words that will amplify and communicate your solution.

You will need to be 'distinct' to beat your competition.

With advertising being such a fundamental human instinct and necessity that’s implicit in human nature and life; best you be getting it right, because getting it wrong is extremely costly in terms of becoming a cautionary tale, and your financial standing within the community in which you live, depends upon it.

You can have the world's best product or service, but if you can't communicate your ideas, you have nothing. An attention-getting and mind-changing Copywriter/Behavioural Science Advisor is an essential ingredient of any successful online advertising venture.

You will need to be 'distinct' to beat your competition. Because your key prospect has so many similar like-to-like services to choose from.

Together, should you choose to do so; we will build that bridge of mutual trust, between you and the needs of your target market. Distinctiveness is what makes the difference, in how a particular business gets to grow and prosper, or shimmer and fade away from existence.

You don't need to be an Einstein to realise that the more people who read your stuff, the more will reply. Speak with Gerard now on 07368 267 612 / O1553 763 192. Alternatively, he can be contacted via email at: It may prove to be the turning point for your business.

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I have an open-door policy when it comes to your questions. No matter how big or small, send them my way and you will have your answer ASAP:

Sample of what customers have to say
about their results

Nadia Khaki

I was advised by my other half, Saeed (while he was reading 'Soft Skills, the software developer's life manual' book) to find a professional to help me with my career strategy.

I came across Copywriter Services for the first time and purchased the 'Career Branding Specialist' package. The result was outstanding, everything was changed. From how my CV looked like to how I used to see myself.

I have recommended Gerard to my partner (Senior Software Engineer) who has achieved great results by the same package. The service that we both received from Gerard was not just a silly CV rewriting task. It was a complete and thorough career branding from ground up.

I had to think and draft all my achievements throughout my whole career in details. Gerard was guiding me in this process of course to ensure that I document/draft tangible results. Details that matter to employers. This is done, by being constructively interviewed and given many questions to answer.

The CV was completely rewritten in which readers can find who I really am. It has been advised by Gerard that CV is not a place to write essays. It must be brief and straight to the point. Both myself and my partner had a few great specific achievements that we wanted to mention in our CVs, but we advised not to. There came into the game the 'Accomplishment Highlight Papers' which I have never heard of before. Something that 'Sell YOU Best' future positioning strategy.

Because underlying this ‘influencing’ tactic (AHPs), as Gerard points out, is the ‘Cognitive Response Law of Influence’: the successful persuasion tactic that directs and channels thoughts so that the target thinks in a manner agreeable to the communicator’s point-of-view; the successful tactic disrupts negative thinking and promotes positive thoughts about the proposed course of action. It is certainly worth taking a moment to imagine just how this ‘influence advantage’ easily opens that door to your career progression; how your recipient concludes on ‘YOU’ been the favourite choice.

I don't think I need to mention that I highly recommend Gerard as an influencer and a mighty career branding specialist.
- Nadia Khaki (Management and Financial Accountant)

Federico Lepri

I´m happy to say that I really like your work and it would be a pleasure to give you a reference. I will need a copywriting service in the future and I hope we could continue working together.
- Federico Lepri (Mobile Game Engineer and Lead Programmer at Behaviour Interactive Inc.)

Slow Travel Expert, Writer and Travel Photographer:

Author: How to plan a journey on a cargo ship - Sail now and have the adventure of your life.

Like to be as pleased as Nadia and Saeed, and Federico? Let’s make this happen for you, today

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